That time we Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’d in Manila

Someone call Hollywood. We’re the new Wedding Crashers. But the plot line is way more surprising and way more “is this actually happening” and “there’s no way anyone will ever believe this.”

We walk onto the roof of the Skydeck View restaurant and bar and it’s quite obvious that Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 4.02.13 PM.pngwe’re under dressed but totally roll with it. The maitre d tries to refuse us, explaining we need reservations and Joanne jokingly points to the waiting area and asks, “well can we eat there?” The maitre d and restaurant manager exchanged a Jim Halpert eye roll but to our surprise, answer, “yeah sure.” We felt like a group of Jobs from the Grapes of Wrath. Not more than 10 minutes later we get moved and they seat us at a tiny table by the buffet and we’re laughing in awe that this is even happening.

img_1225We sat there, wining and fine dining as we joyously swapped stories of travels abroad and wonder about the future while the city lights and fireworks twinkled around us. It was a comfortably warm night, high enough above the polluted smog line where we could breathe in the beauty of everything around us. I felt less like a student with our professor and more like a normal person, like myself, simply enjoying an evening with two wonderful people.


I decided I definitely needed to take the stage at the rooftop restaurant and ended up singing in front of everyone with only guitar accompaniment and instantly flashed back to my high school musical theatre days as I unashamedly belted out “Put Your Records On.”

We met two Canadians, Sarah and Cody, who were a little tipsy. We took the elevator downstairs and pointedly wandered into a banquet hall where we found the after party of a Filipino wedding.

The odds were definitely in our favor because not only did they let us completely crash, but they offered us drinks as we met the wedding party and sat around chatting and laughing. We got a photo with the bride and groom, Maria and Ryan See, and bequeathed the boutonniere to Cara. We were amazed at their welcoming, kind, and gracious demeanor. I truly love the caring Filipino culture we’re learning and experiencing more and more every day. I don’t think we’ve ever been so excited to crash a wedding.

Today goes down in the books like a Friends episode title. “The one time in Manila.”

– Elise


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