Like so many other stories, it all began with a girl and her dream. I desperately wanted to go to the Philippines and work alongside one of my best friends, Lucy Capron. Following her graduation from Pacific Lutheran University, Lucy moved to the Philippines to work for Wipe Every Tear, a non-profit out of Boise, Idaho that helps women leave the sex trade by providing them with a safe house and an opportunity to receive a college education or job training. One night I had an idea, what if I combined my desire to see the work my friend was doing while creating an opportunity for personal growth.

img_7465Then I realized I had the entire month of January free. After a 3 am call with Lucy I went to my academic advisers office to pitch my idea, albeit crazy, it was doable. Doctor Wells sent me to Professor Lisosky’s office knowing she would be supportive. The next thing I knew I was writing a grant due 24 hours later.

Two days before Christmas a present arrived in my inbox saying I was receiving a fully funded grant from the DJS Fund to fly with Professor Lisosky and another student, Elise Anderson, to film a documentary examining the life of one of the women Wipe Every Tear has helped break the cycle of the sex trade.

-Cara Gillespie


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